Wednesday, June 24

Do What You Can.

Giving back is essential to the growth of any community. Making sure you are doing your part  can be overwhelming  when you may be facing issues of your own, and/or raising a family and having a full time job. Many people live a "full plate" life and feel that there's  no time or not enough money to make an effective impact in the world around us when it comes to community service.  To this I say, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, "Do what you can, where you are , with what you have", charity starts at home. Make sure you live your life in a way that would inspire others. Make sure you are raising children that will be contributors to society. And lastly, look within yourself for the special talents you make have that you can easily share with someone in need. One of the many ways I give back is by using my God-given talent as a makeup artist to help women who are battling cancer. Showing a woman, who has lost all her hair, how to put on lashes and draw on eyebrows helps them feel more like themselves and gives them the confidence needed to fight the good fight when battling cancer. Ask yourself, What's my gift and how can I share it to help someone else?

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