Monday, March 2

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

 As a Mom of four, Dr. Seuss books have been a constant read in our home for more than eighteen years. I actually started reading the books to my children while I was pregnant with each of them. The word patterns, rhymes and whimsical illustrations make Dr. Seuss book so fun to read (I still enjoy them)! My children first fell in love with reading by reading Seuss, then  they graduated to countless authors who now capture their imagination.
 As I write this post, I am reminded of the fact that there are many people all across the world who are not able to read. According to the Unesco Institute for Statistics, there are 774 million adults, worldwide, who cannot read or write. Two thirds are women.
 Thankfully, there are organizations such as and, that have programs dedicated to helping to solve this problem. We can also help by donating books and our time to under served communities where this problem is seen most.

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