Thursday, January 24

Say Cheese!!!! (SMILE)

They say that a woman's best accessory is her smile, so here are my top tips to keep your smile pearly white and glamour bright.

 1. Rembrandt 2 hour white is my favorite over the counter tooth whitener. I feel like a super star ready to rock the red carpet after I use this product. I use this whitener once every 6 months.

2. Make sure you brush teeth with a tooth whitening toothpaste and follow up with a mouthwash that also whitens..I love Crest Vivid White!

3. If you are a coffee, tea, red wine or cola drinker you are staining your teeth with each sip. Using a straw while enjoying your dark colored beverage will help limit the stain.

4. Eating strawberries, oranges, apple, pears, celery and carrots are not only good for you, but they are excellent for keeping your teeth white and bright.

Try these teeth whitening tips and you will be looking for reasons to smile all day long!!!

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