Monday, October 18

Swimsuit Sexy

Proving that fitness can be maintained after marriage and children, here I am with the beautiful Mrs. Iowa United States 2009 Michelle Beardt. To stay physically fit healthy eating choices and exercise are a must. Choose foods that are high in protein and low in fat. A typical day's menu for me is breakfast: 1boiled egg, 1 slice wheat toast (lightly buttered), choice of fruit, 1 link turkey sausage, cup of green tea, snack: handful of almonds, lunch: grilled chicken salad, flavored water, snack: choice of yogurt cup, fruit, granola bar, dinner: choice of grill chicken, fish, or lean steak, a vegetable or garden salad, choice cup of rice, whole wheat pasta, or 1 baked sweet potato, flavored water. Sticking to this lifestyle eating plan has helped me stay in shape even after giving birth to 4 kids!

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